Chaos Warhounds Proxy Kroot Hounds

Back, late last year when a buddy and I decided to do the “Battle for the Bottom” narrative “campaign” – T’au vs Genestealer Cult I was thinking of making sure that it was more evenly matched by running more Auxiliaries. I had some Kroot Carnivores and a Shaper, but wanted more units especially a Krootox Rider, some Vespid, and some Kroot Hounds.

I managed to pick up some more metal Vespids and a metal Krootox Rider, but with GW being out of Kroot Hounds they were very expensive on eBay so I started to poke around for “proxy” or “count as” substitutes. There were a few recommendations out there for using the AoS Chaos Warhounds as Kroot Hounds. The Kroot Hounds, when available run 4 for $24.75 (as of posting), but the AoS Chaos Warhounds are 10 for $30 (as of posting). Since I was not able to find any pics on the Internet with them combined I wasn’t sure what the scale would be, so I decided to check on eBay for some cheap ones. I managed to pick up 10 for $22.71 after shipping. When they arrived I was delighted and horrified at the same time – they were gorgeously painted and based! Bing for a conversion, I was planning on modifying them heavily and repainting them – but I just couldn’t make myself to anything other than rebase them.

I decided to take the decision out of may hands, I asked the folks on the Facebook Group Warhammer 40K: T’au Empire for their thoughts. Mike Williams responded and said that he would just rebase them to the 25mm and call it good – which was what I was hoping for and leaning toward. However, in our ongoing conversation he mentioned that he rebased and painted his. He also mentioned that one of his buddies actually Dremeled off the main so that they were a little more “bare”. No way I was going that far, though I have to admit I thought about, but then decided that my grooming skills. LOL

Mike Williams - mix of Kroot Carnivores, Kroot Hounds, and AoS Chaos Warhounds.
Mike Williams from Warhammer 40K: T’au Empire FaceBook Group

I expressed my concern that the Warhounds may be much larger than the Kroot Hounds and he sent me a picture of his to show scale. I was surprised that they ere actually very comparable in size when on the 25mm bases.

So, I decided to actually paint up a batch of Kroot Carnivores and a Shaper in the red paint scheme as the Warhounds and treat them as a different Kindred, It will make it a lot easier to keep track of the different Carnivore units.